Consulting services

I am a web consultant and my business is to improve the profitability of your business using the web. I achieve results by using web marketing and by improving the usability of your website. Here is an overview of my services:

Web Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to be easily found on the web;
  • Google AdWords advertising (campain creation and optimization);
  • Website optimization to improve conversions from visitor to customer.

Development and redesign of websites

  • Strategic brainstorming for value creation on the web;
  • Requirement analysis and design of solution;
  • Information architecture, usability and iterative prototyping;
  • Preparation of requests for proposal and evaluation of proposals.


  • Health check of web initiatives (use of best practices on the web, competitive analysis, etc.);
  • Identification of quick wins;
  • Response time measurement and improvements.

Social media

  • Advice on the proper usage of social media;
  • Configuration of Facebook pages and Twitter profiles;
  • Personalized coaching / training.

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