Friday, December 24, 2010

Recipe for Killing your e-Business

Desjardins, the largest financial institution in the province of Quebec, has a division selling Internet payment solutions. They just started a blog and asked me to contribute. The list of my posts will be at my profile page.

My first post there is the real story of an online entrepreneur who took a number of bad decisions that reduced drastically his chances to succeed. Read on for "The Recipe for Killing Your e-Business" and make sure you do not repeat the same mistakes.

Merry Holidays and have a profitable 2011.


Steven Lee said...

Many entrepreneurs mistake the notion that when they form an LLC business online that it is easy to maintain. It takes a lot of effort much the same with an on-site business.

Amanda Winston said...

Making profit is the main goal of any business. Always think that you're the client and think what do you want and demand. From that, devise a plan to make them interested on the products and services that you offer. Also find ways to improve and innovate, be dynamic to adapt to this ever changing world.

Joe Thompson said...

A great guideline especially for those who are aspiring to venture into e-commerce. They have the insight on what is wrong and what can destroy their business. A handful of tips that is beneficial for beginners and experts.

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