Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Facebook or Google plus for a local business?

A local business serves customers in a limited territory. For example, think of florists, plumbers, optometrists, dentists, restaurants, notaries, etc. For these businesses, is it preferable to use Facebook or Google Plus?


At the beginning of 2013, Facebook has 1 billion users and many of them are visiting the site daily. That may seem like a lot of people. However, for a local business, what matters is how many Facebook users are within the territory they serve.

Another important point to consider is that people visit Facebook for entertainment. They are not very receptive to promotional messages. The ads on the right side of the page do not work most of the time. If you have a business Facebook page, you probably noted that very few of your fans were seeing your posts. And with Facebook wanting to increase their revenue, it is not going to get better.  Consequently, for local businesses, Facebook requires way too much time to manage for the limited business that it brings.

Google Plus

Google Plus has « only » 200 millions users and most of them only visit rarely the site. That does not sound too appealing. However, the value of having a local business page on Google Plus is not in the G+ user base but rather in the fact that Google displays Google Plus pages prominently on its search engine.


For local businesses, Facebook is usually not a profitable investment.  Google Plus, on the other hand, requires very investment and greatly increases your visibility in Google search results.

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Unknown said...

Both sites are very effective for local business. But in my opinion I think facebook is must be first choice for any kind of businesses. Facebook has lot more genuine people than Google plus.

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